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A new initiative bringing art to the people of Belfast.  The project was founded in Berlin in 2006 by Aisha Ronniger in reaction to the tightening German laws regarding graffiti.

Submissions are now open for Papergirl Belfast, deadline is 30th April 2014.  Read more about the initiative here: or like the Facebook page:


I am ecstatic to announce the short story version of On The Road Home is to be published in one of Papergirls 2014 zines.  The short story had been refined and edited [since I posted it here] for a couple of short story competitions with word limits.  Ironically Papergirl does not have a maximum word count for the short stories they accept, so get your submissions in!

This will be my first published story and I’m over the moon it’s being published locally which if anything should create interest for the short film.  A rough cut of the short film is with the producer  Stay tuned for film festival news, sadly the film wasn’t ready for Belfast perhaps next year 🙂


Crew for OTRH

cast and crew of On The Road Home 2013

As I’ve mentioned in the previous blog we were very lucky to attract the people we did for the filming of On The Road Home.  From my perspective I was over the moon to be around other creative people, I consider myself to be a general lover of people but I do especially get a kick out of being around openly creative minds alike.

In this blog I wish to highlight the talents and personalities of the younger members of the crew.  The Director Richard Crawford [], the Producer Larry Cowan [] and the DOP Marty Stalker [] are all well known within the writing/ filming industry in Northern Ireland and you can at your leisure check out their pages.

However a BEAM of light [I feel] must be shown on the talents of the following people;

Eileen Tracey first AD for OTRH

Eileen Tracey – 1st AD

I had briefly met Eileen on the set of another short film called The Circuit King.  What struck me immediately that day was the level of confidence and professionalism she displayed in her role as first assistant director.  My first impressions of her were very much gathered from across the room, she appeared attractive and very much ‘with it’.

Having a plenitude of experience in all areas of film beyond the role of first AD, check out her CV at the above link.  I can’t sing her praises enough though regarding the focus and discipline she brought to our project.  With a relaxed, friendly manner Eileen always seemed one step ahead of the game, quite an impressive stance for someone in their early twenties!

Gerard Donnelly Assistant DOP for OTRH

Gerard Donnelly – Camera Assistant

Gerard was in his element working along side Marty Stalker, with whom he’s amassed invaluable experience.  I found him to be friendly, eager and extremely focused on set.  Open minded with a great sense of humour he was a pleasure to chat with over lunch.  Thanks Gerard! 😀

Megan McCrea production props for OTRH

Megan McCrea – Production Assistant/

Stills photographer

As with Eileen I had briefly met Megan on the set of The Circuit King.  Immediately upon hearing of our project she enthusiastically offered her services having recently graduated, and being keen to build her experience.

And how lucky we were to attract such a willing, positive, try any role character.  Sadly our stills photographer pulled out at the last minute so on the second day of filming Megan gladly stepped up and began capturing the film, behind the scenes snaps and landscape shots.  As well as any task the producer Larry Cowan might have thrown her way.  Nothing appeared to be too much, Megan has been truly open to helping with the film at all levels.

Nathan McKee sound technician for OTRH

Nathan McKee – Sound

I recognized Nathan [again] from The Circuit King but hadn’t really a chance to chat with him until the weekend of shooting OTRH.  Nathan proved to be a real character, friendly, congenial and very focused on set.  Completely professional he did whatever it took to get the sound top notch, working closely with the director Richard Crawford.  We were fortunate that he was available, experienced and able to bring the equipment he did!

A very big THANK YOU to all of the above, I would most definitely work with them all again and also a huge thank you to Elish McQuillan and Michael Hall for their time and efforts with filming On The Road Home.

Stay tuned a website will follow shortly, you can join us Facebook until then 🙂

The making of OTRH

  3s int car

[picture credit to Megan McCrea]

On The Road Home

Well it’s happened filming is now complete, long days passed in the blink of an eye.  Actors and crew put in 110% you couldn’t have asked for a better bunch of people, even when we were all tired and in need of a long hot shower we remained tolerant of each other.

cast and crew of On The Road Home 2013

[picture credit to Michael Hall]

We began our three-day shoot in Ballyvoy Service Station we eat a HUGE breakfast together at 9.45 am and got stuck in to scene 10.

ballyvoy service station ballycastle Northern Ireland

[picture credit Sarah Docherty]

Sadly I didn’t take a picture of the breakfast 😦

But here is one of our call sheets instead 🙂

call sheet flickr

Cast and crew eat lunch at 5.30 pm, water is provided throughout the day.  Later dinner is ready and on table as they arrive back to base camp between 9.30/10 pm.  Our producer Larry Cowan [] is a jack of all trades and particularly good in the kitchen.  It had been a long day especially for the skeleton crew who stayed to film scenes 3, 7, 9, & 14 – flashbacks that contain partial nudity.

Most of the crew headed to bed relatively early as Saturday promised to be just as grueling as Friday.  I won’t lie the script required every ounce of energy and emotion the cast could muster, this naturally filtered out to the crew.  And I think it would be fair to say the weekend emotionally was similar to a roller coaster ride.

As the writer I found by Friday evening I was feeling quite nostalgic and I really couldn’t figure out what my deal was, through casual conversation with the producer and then with the director [] the following morning I came to realize I was nostalgic about  my younger years.   Slightly more leveled headed these days as a mother I do look back occasionally with fondness for what were probably my crazier years, crazy because I didn’t have a clue what I was at [so to speak].  If I ever become crazy again it shall be more fluid opposed to wild or frenzied!

So Saturday, up bright and early we all had a date with a road, a field and some cows;

Ballywoolen Road fake Banksy graffetti

[picture credit Sarah Docherty]

Would you just look at how cool we are here in N.Ireland, do you see Banksy anywhere, lean in a little closer cast your eye on the road sign.  That’s right we have class and culture in the arse end of nowhere.  Of course it is somewhere it’s the Ballywoolen Road that was leading us through our journey to on the road home.

Binevenagh mountain was our next port of call, it was to test the skill of our DOP Marty Stalker [] after a couple of run through’s and adjustments we were on our way.

binevenagh mountain on the road home short film

[picture credit to Sarah Docherty]

Eileen Tracey first AD [] Gerard Donnelly assistant to the DOP, Megan McCrea production & props, Mary-Ellen McCartan casting director, Michael Hall production assistant and myself sat above the set next to the statue of Manannan Mac Lir sea Lord, son of Lir God of the sea, we renamed this place mount happiness.  Megan was kind enough to share Love heart sweets [candy] we chatted among ourselves happily while the wind cleared our heads and battered the ear drums off us.

IMG-20130921-00064love heart

binevenagh mountain OTRH short film

[picture credit Mary-Ellen McCartan]

 After a late lunch and a finish up at Binevenagh we headed back to the Ballywoolen Road for Deans much-anticipated speech to be acted/spoken by Gary Crossan.  The cows had been called home or perhaps to the next field – chatting at the side of the road while the sun lowered itself across the fields, we had just forty-five minutes of light to capture Dean putting the world to rights.

Ballywoolen Road end of day two

[picture credit Mary-Ellen McCartan]

Saturday evening we let loose in Ballycastle and much to the amazement of one or two crew and admittedly myself it was pretty rockin’.  The Central Wine Bar was lively with a good atmosphere, a young girl with a tremendous voice played guitar as a couple of people bopped about on the dance floor, we capped the evening off in O’Connors.

Day three was slower to start the only thing left to shoot was exterior car shots, I stayed behind to clean the house we had so kindly be allowed to use, kinda makes me want to have a holiday home 😀

Click the clip below for a short behind the scenes video.

Come join us on Facebook and follow are journey as we move toward the edit suite and beyond!

Character Rehearsal for OTRH

What a day, what a day!

Rehearsals for On The Road Home carefully planned by Director Richard Crawford.  This was to insure we made the most of our day and got a thorough understanding of the script/ intention of the piece.  But most importantly an idea of how he would like to take the words and make them visual.  Schedule below;

It was interesting to see the actors dissect the script, of course the Director and myself had previously been over it many times at length.  To hear impartial view points on words I had written with a specific intention, was eye opening.  Their job now to make their own mark while keeping with the tone/ intention of the piece.  Very exciting I think!!

I found myself dealing with feelings of concern, euphoria and nervousness.  This all at once was an experience as I sat to the side of the room listening and staring.  In awe at points that three people I had never met until the audition process where able to explain and describe characters I had scribbled down on paper so many moons ago.  Made me realize I’m not at all as complicated or confusing as I’d previously presumed.  Truly thankful these three people have the capacity/ ability to gently take my words and inject the correct context and emotion – my words no more 🙂

There were moments of tension, confusion, laughter and out right hysteric’s.  There were serious issues broached like “just where do young people go to open up about x, y and z” and “what are the implications for young girls [openly] experiencing intimacy”.  If we had of had a drink in our hands I might say in a way we put the world to rights!

A good friend John Maxwell of Jmaxphotography came along to capture some moments here and there, also Bryan Marshall talented artist/ writer was kind with his time and helped with recording the day. (

The lovely Mary-Ellen McCartan of Punch Canvas was there to keep the day on track and help us to explore the characters from every angle.

Many thanks to Seamus O’Hara [Glen], Caroline Davis [Sorcha] and Gary Crossan [Dean] for all their efforts to date.  By the end of rehearsals there was a clear sense of ‘things shaping up’, all is what is required of this project and all is what we’re willing to give.

Stay tuned for updates, pictures and of course a bit of craic!

Some YouTube links of rehearsals below;


To Seamus O’Hara, Caroline Davis and Gary Crossan who have been selected to play our main characters in the short film On The Road Home.

We’re very happy to welcome the three on board and excited as we move closer to our shoot date at the end of September.  Seamus will play the character Glen, Caroline plays Sorcha and Gary will play Dean.  More behind the scenes footage will be available from our rehearsals set for the beginning of September, stay tuned!! 😀



Casting – On The Road Home

Saturday was quite an experience we had fifteen people show up to audition for OTRH, bright and early at the Crescent Arts Centre in Belfast.  They have a number of rooms available and cater for a variety of events.

On arrival the cafe entrance was bustling for a short period with toddlers and their parents all excited for a showing of Gruffalo and disco afterwards.  You can keep up to date with all up and coming events at the Crescent Art centre via their web page ———>

Sitting at a corner table there was a different type of excitement growing, Director Richard Crawford, Casting Director Mary-Ellen McCartan, Mr Bruce of, John Maxwell of and myself the writer Sarah Docherty.


I can’t compliment Mary-Ellen enough on her talents as Casting Director, down to earth, approachable her character bubbles over with a natural energy.   Having the ability to extend and apply herself in a friendly manner to the actors auditioning while offering an unbias perspective to the director is a skill and not an easy task.

Personally, I hadn’t considered how much I would learn about each actor in the short period it took to cast our characters.

IMG_1497          IMG_1495

I did short interviews with as many of the actors that I could fit in on the morning.  Interestingly  I went from seeing a person to hearing and feeling their individual thoughts and aspirations.  Inevitably comes the moment when the director picks who is right and everyone else is left a little disappointed, it sucks, but on this occasion there could only be three.  Mary-Ellen was fabulous  at working as a ‘middle man’ filtering down feed back from the director to all who attended the audition, offering positive words.  Each of us after all had meet someone new, and in life this can sometimes be priceless.

The process came and went in the blink of an eye, in the space of an hour and forty-five minutes I had made fifteen new acquaintances.  Yes that’s right the director Richard Crawford had the audition process down to a fine art, running the morning with military precision, which was a bonus for everyone waiting their turn.  Mary-Ellen again was great at keeping the energy light and happy, we all know how mundane auditions can be!

A pre-chat from the director is available to view on YouTube, follow the link below;

Two small clips are available to view on YouTube from the end of the audition process, follow the link below;

Interviews with all actors will follow once I figure out how to nicely edit them together.  Oh! and I did a five minute ramble, still trying to get the hang of video diaries please feel free to leave positive tips 😀

On The Road Home – Original short story

Pre-note from writer:

This is where is all began; an idea came through me regarding sexual repression within society.  Having one of my many mind rants – that would involve me talking to myself, no not out loud, but in my thoughts – about society.  Looking at my own life contemplating why don’t I feel as though I fit or why aren’t I ‘successful’, these wandering’s [of the mind] lead me to review my own choices.  Which lead me back in time over the days,  months and years of my life choices.

That being said, viewing life from the perspective of where I found myself [back then] was completely down to decisions I had made, no one else was to blame.  So why had I made the decisions I made, why wasn’t I happy with the out come of where I was?

It took a time to realize I had been making decisions based on the society I lived within, instead of what would really make me happy.  If you know anything about the concept of OTRH you might stop and think “well hold what’s that got to do with three students, a road trip and alcohol fuelled sex!”

I can understand your confusion let me offer this; I believe we’ve all stepped so far away from what naturally makes us happy that few people have the strength to be themselves.  Being yourself isn’t exactly supported in everyday life, assimilating, molding yourself is what is acceptable.  As humanity evolves we all get more confused, unhappy, repressed.

If only we could do it all over again, if only we hadn’t cared what other people had thought we might have tried that ‘something’ that society deems wrong but naturally feels right.  Or that experiencing life opens each of us to our own path.  So I would ask you to view On The Road Home with an open mind.  Three students have an out of the box experience that has the potential to teach each of them MORE about Who They Are.   In my opinion this knowing of who you are leads a person to live a happier life.  Whether they would relive their experience or not [isn’t important] experiences don’t necessarily have to be revisited they just need the opportunity to be.

Happier individuals make for happier communities, happier communities make for a happier world.

Sexual repression is one of many that I would love to see fixed within the community I live.  There should be no embarrassment about a persons body.  Imagine bringing a child up to celebrate and respect who they are in mind, body and soul.  It is my opinion that unfortunate decisions are bore from guilty feelings, lack of confident, and generally feelings of being unworthy.

If we want to change our children’s views on relationships, intimacy and love we need to stop hiding, we need to allow them to experience who they are without fear.

Below is the original short story I hope you enjoy it, the script has been polished considerably, I thank you for taking the time to visit the page.

On The Road Home – short story [funded by Northern Ireland 2013]

Three people packing a car, awkward silences, awkward sentences everyone averting eye contact.  Sorcha already sorted and sitting in the passenger seat of the car, gazing out of the window, feeling a little fuzzy from lack of energy and nursing a bad hangover.

Glen’s head lowered, nearly bumping into Dean as he makes his way to the back of the car where Dean is putting his bag into the boot.  He looks up instinctively aware of a surge of energy, anger, the tightening of his muscles, something inside urging him to shove Dean against the car.  Sorcha feeling and hearing the thud is out of her seat in a flash, reaching them in time for Dean to retaliate, shoving Glen in the chest hard, he stumbles backwards, finds his footing.   Sorcha taking the opportunity to jump in between the two boys before anything serious kicks off.  Surprisingly nothing has been said during this ‘tit for tat’ shoving match, both glaring at each other intently.  Sorcha pushes Dean to her side of the car leading him to the back seat, frowning at him as though he should know better.  His response a simple questioning “What?!”  Sorcha shaking her head “not my fault Ricky Rich is repressed and uptight” Dean giving a nonchalant shrug of the shoulders.  “Shut it Dean” rages Glen, “Cool it, both of you” Sorcha ending the dispute with an authoritative tone and dead pan stare, she wasn’t in the mood for any shit.

Once all are in the car, there is a noticeable air of relief as they get started on the journey home.  Glen takes off at warp speed, Dean in the back is thrown slightly, thinking/saying “on edge, MUCH!?”  Down the road a bit Sorcha can’t stand the silence and tense atmosphere, they were all waiting for the same thing, someone to speak.  She reaches for the radio clicks it on, static, fiddling, tuning, but nothing.  Dean coming in with “don’t think we were able to get reception around here on the way down.”

The way down, before any of this had happened, Glen grimaces, on the carriageway now he puts the pedal to the metal, unable to convey what hangs heavy on his mind.  “Can you slow it down (Glen), I’d like to get home in one piece thanks, I’ve got a hot date this weekend!” Dean chimes as he rolls his eyes while fiddling with his phone, taking on an unusually camp character as he does this.  Glen not giving him an inch questions Dean angrily, “why the hell are you always so god damn happy anyway, eh?!”  “Hmmmm, let me think for a moment” Dean taking the opportunity to dramatise and exaggerate his response “perhaps it’s because I’m comfortable with myself, maybe because I’m accepting of other people regardless of their personal status, could be because I’m neither personally or sexually repressed and of course having learned the hard way I now understand the value of everything I have, from material possessions to fabulous friendships,” stopping short and directing his gaze to the back of Glens head rest “is it possible for you to say the same Glen?” there was only silence, Sorcha dared not intervene or look over to the drivers seat, squirming in her seat she kept her eyes on the road ahead, not wanting to make this exchange anymore painful for Glen.  Before there was time for the silence to settle Dean adding another blow with sharp deliverance “No? I didn’t think so!” smiling smugly he turns his attention to his phone.

Sorcha blocking the hostility pouring out of Glen AND Dean’s apparent ignorance of why Glen might be up tight at the moment.  She’d other issues to consider, like having had sex with not one but two guys.  Elbow leaning on the window she lets her head fall into the palm of her hand, and rests it there for a moment, sometimes the weight of your own head can be enormous, at times it feels like its going to drop off, unless cradled… hands, are such inviting shapely things, OK, she was clearly losing it!

What if she found that she was pregnant, what would happen, who would the dad be, how would she ever explain, not knowing without admitting everything.  This could be the single most stupid, sluttiest thing she’d ever done, course she knew she was feeling worse because of the hangover.   Poor Glen, she wouldn’t be the only one feeling guilty, in fact it might very well be worse for Glen, who knows he could be questioning his sexuality right now.  Let’s face it, they all knew before last night Glen was the biggest homophobe going, no matter how much he’d tried to accept Dean.  Becoming vaguely aware of arguing she turns her attention back to ‘the boys’.

Glen had been working himself into a tizz since they left the camp site, eyes darting back and forth from his mirrors, catching sight of Dean every time in the back, thinking that Dean looked pretty happy with himself, cat that got the cream, looking smugger with each glance, Glen wound up and ready to pop.

Dean aware of the stares and undeniable tension, is fed up “is there a problem Glen?” he purr’s staring directly into Glens rear view mirror.  “What do you think!” growls Glen in return, Sorcha at the ready, shifting in her seat and turning toward them both.  Having a feeling they were going to start taking pop shots at each other like they always did.  “Listen I won’t be telling anyone about last night anymore than you will, be a tad difficult for me to explain (to my mates) how my cock ended up inside a girl, don’t you think, me being gay and all, sorry Sorcha, no offense!”  “Oooh, that’s ok, none taken…” Sorcha taken a back, having not considered this perspective.  Dean has always been proud that he’s never ‘had’ to be with a women to hide who he is.

Glen slightly calmer, until Dean adds “have to say you’ve a quor nice cock Glen” flashing a pearly smile at him threw the mirror.  Glen just about stays on the straight and narrow, face like thunder tells Dean to “Fuck up!” “Since you’re not going to mention it, you’ll not mind not talking about it now!” he glowers.  Pulling the car abruptly over Glen jumps out of the drivers side and heads away from the car, Sorcha and Dean glance at each other clearly startled and watch as Glen hops over a small fence into a grassy area that drops off into the sea, walking to the edge Glen looks down, to the side, up and out to sea, taking a couple of deep breaths he then bellows as loud and for as long as his lungs will let him.  His stance strong to begin with, arms extended out from his body as though to put more effort into what he is doing, but by the end of his breath his shoulders fold in on themselves, arms dropping limply by his side followed by the bending of his knees and the folding of his back.  He seemed to be all spent as he stood there crumpled over, body swaying in the breeze.  Again without warning, his head jerks upright and his body follows, turning he gallops back to the car, taking a last deep breath of air before getting into the drivers seat.  Dean and Sorcha stare at Glen bug eyed but nobody speaks, Glen eases the car off the lay by and back onto the open road as the radio springs to life Glen turns the volume down.

Taking a moment Glen decides to offer “I’m not gay you know”, Dean finds this statement hilarious, flicking his hand in the air and extends “Oooh don’t worry Glen, I know what you mean I’m not either, apparently!” winking and giving Sorcha a cheeky grin.  Trying his best to hide feelings of confusion and doubt while savouring the memory of Glen’s naked body but bemused when Sorcha pops into the image.  He had to admit to himself there had been some sort of attraction, he had enjoyed the night, confused he couldn’t decide had he fucked her, had sex or made love to her.  He didn’t want to think about it, he wasn’t interested in dating Sorcha, he cared for her as a friend but that was as far as it went.  Dean having empathy (deep down) for how Glen must be feeling didn’t mean he couldn’t enjoy himself while empathising!

The car fell silent but only for a second, Glen adding, “if any one of the guys I hang around with were to find out or even my dad…” he trailed off, shaking his head slightly.  Sorcha feeling the urge to comfort him, she always got the impression even though Glen came from a comfortable back ground, there were signs of never quite making the grade, perhaps Glen’s life wasn’t as cushy as it appeared regardless of how much money his family had.  She touched his shoulder, rubbing the top of his arm just for a second as he wasn’t the type to take kindly to being pitied.

Dean was off on one “Gay! What is that exactly, we all have our own meanings for things – words, bi, hetro, homo, gay….” Thinking, mulling over the events of last night “tell ya, long gone are the days when it simply meant happy!” taking a second but only for a breath “as cheesy as it sounds, when you care for a person… people, when you FEEL LOVE there are no words, it’s a place beyond most of our simple minds.” Gazing to the side Dean continues taking on a note of sincerity and depth “yet the vast majority of us need to put names to things, boxes for this, tags for that” he frowns a little “why, I’ll never know, perhaps a way to keep people in line, we all may as well wear badges, different colours, high earners, low incomes, bisexuals, level of intelligence… yada, yada, yada” taking another contemplative second/a breath Sorcha and Glen lean in with their ears, mouths slightly open, waiting for the last words to the most sincerely, honest, emotionally open conversation they’d ever had with Dean. “Society may never feel comfortable with those of us who are open to loving all things, all shapes, sizes, ethnicities, characters.  Hell, I don’t even know if I’m ready, as open minded as I consider myself to be but I do know this…  That place ‘in our own heads’ where unconditional love lie’s, that is the place where everyone of us can find freedom!”

Dean having had his fun and rant is happy to get back to fiddling with his phone, setting up his social calendar for the weekend ahead.  “Bloody hell that was deep Dean” Sorcha looks surprised, Dean shrugs, she’s glad some of the tension has gone, still having a lot on her mind and now more to digest she turns in her seat to look back out the window again at the passing scenery.  Glen left to his own feelings of guilt, denial and blame, looking ahead up the road he goes back to last night.

What was bothering him so much; he’d enjoyed himself, all of it and felt guilty for that, he didn’t even want to imagine what the people he knew would say if they found out he’d had a blow job from another bloke, damn good bj though.  He bit his lower lip at the thought, his eyes flit off to the side mirror, poker faced, jaw locked tight and then back to the front win-screen.  Angry, he’d been lured in by wanting HER, remembering how good she smelt, softness of her skin, she made him relax, everything melted away when he was with her, feelings of excitement at the memory of him lying back as she straddled his chest, pushing away the thoughts of where and what Dean was doing at that moment, they had all just moved together, no reason to it, how had they gotten to that point?  He remembered a lot of drink, chatting, laughing the closeness, bumping heads then Dean; it had been Dean who started it.  Glen had wanted Sorcha not Dean, denial hitting Glen harder than a ton of bricks.

Glen felt like a fake, no longer a ‘stand up guy’, how could he go back to who he’d been before, there was no way to, things were different.  Last night wasn’t awkward, a bit of Dutch courage and it all felt normal so why did it feel like he was being eaten from the inside out, guilt gnawing at his stomach?

Glen mentions they need petrol he pulls over at the next station, gets out and begins filling the tank.  Dean leans forward to Sorcha explains he’s all out of cash, Sorcha thinking that was all they needed another argument, over petrol money. “Didn’t you think to keep any money for the trip home” Sorcha slightly irritated not waiting for an answer gets out of the passenger seat, strolls around the back of the car slowly making her way to Glen, not sure how she’s going to explain this one.  Extending her arm she offers some petrol money and says the inevitable “Deans all out, so sure here’s a bit extra…” not letting her finish Glen starts “OH, you mean the open minded, loving everyone, having learned the meaning of life the hard way, in the back seat can’t afford to splash the cash and pay his own way!?” “I can hear you!” Dean chimes, two seconds later he sticks his head out of the drivers window exclaiming “perhaps I’ll pay my tab by other means, like sucking’ cock in the middle of the fore court, are ya with me, now stop making’ a scene Glen, or I’ll make an even bigger one” Dean pulls a million dollar smile then sits back in his seat. “Don’t worry about it Sorcha, if he’s not paying I don’t expect you to!” Glen takes off inside to pay and Sorcha makes her way to the car, getting in she says “smooth Dean, real smooth” shaking her head she can’t hide a slight smirk at the thought of Dean sucking cock in the fore court for petrol money!

Glen is heading back to the car now as Dean jogs past him “won’t be a minute” heading toward the toilets.  Getting into the car Glen huffs “Great, now we have to wait for him…” shaking his head.  Sorcha is looking out the window again, turns to Glen irritated “give it rest Glen, you’re not the only one with stuff on their mind!” she looked a little upset.  “Are you ok” he offers sensing she needs a hug, he leans over holds her while she explains “I’m just upset with myself, we didn’t use any protection…” trailing off, Glen understands now.  He gives her a squeeze in the hope to reassure her of his feelings.

Dropping Dean home first, Sorcha leans into the back seat to shake he awake “Dean you’re home” getting out of the car she waits to hug him.  As Dean steps out of the car he says goodbye to Glen and is surprised to get a warm response, hesitating Glen offers “yeah take it easy Dean, I’ll see you about” also managing a half smile.  Sorcha says goodbye Dean motions toward Glen still in the car “he’ll be fine, it’s just going to take a little time” he smiles kisses Sorcha on the cheek, she watches him walk away and has a feeling it’ll be awhile before she see’s or speaks to him, a knowing time also being something Dean needed.  Getting back into the car she directs Glen to where she lives.  Stopping outside she is unsure of how he feels or what he needs pushing her own fears to the side she asks if he’d like to come in for tea.  He hesitates explaining he doesn’t want to be any trouble, assuring him its no trouble she gives him a little shove and wonders if he just needs a chat.

They head inside, nobody appears to be home which makes the conversation flow a little easier.  Sitting at the kitchen table eating warm toast with butter and sipping tea with a tiny bit of sugar, Glen hadn’t wanted any sugar but Sorcha insisted it was good after a few too many, “good for keeping the strength up” looking away as she says this not wanting it to seem like a double entendre.

Glen perhaps considering this, Sorcha noting a thoughtful expression on his face, she wasn’t prepared for what came next. “I’m REALLY not gay you know” he blurts out, the silence of the kitchen amplifying every word, the clock on the wall, ticking over every second.  Sorcha half choking as she sips on her tea “Oh, no, no, I didn’t think that you were, are, I mean… that’s not what I think Glen, honest!”  He looked a little happier, as though it mattered.  Sorcha pausing then explains “you do realise it doesn’t matter a damn ‘what you are’ gay, bi, or even heterosexual, all that matters is that you know yourself and you’re happy with who you are, right!?”

He contemplates this and agrees, “so you and I shagging again wouldn’t better prove that I’m all about the girls?” he laughs lightly, she gets the humour and listens as he continues, “you know that it was you I wanted though, don’t you Sorcha I’ve always really liked you.”  “Yeah I know I’d be lying if I said I didn’t” she looks down at her tea as she speaks “but, I’ve never thought much of how you strut about like you’re Mr. Thing.  Have to admit I’m seeing you in a whole different light now though” she grins at him.

“Oh great, didn’t take much, just you’re usual night of forbidden sex, having my dick sucked by a bloke!” his voice rising toward the end of his sentence.  It still bothered him not as much as before it seemed.  Maybe Sorcha had misjudged Glen perhaps he was capable of broadening his views more than Sorcha had originally thought.  Something was for sure he wasn’t as narrow-minded now, as he had been at the beginning of the summer.

OTRH – Casting – August 2013


Meeting last Friday with Mary-Ellen McCartan who has been sent from above to sort the casting process for On The Road Home.  Mary-Ellen is a talented lady having years of experience as an actress, she is truly knowledgeable regarding the industry and how to pull the best actors to match each of our lead roles.  Mary-Ellen has a passion for casting and believes there is a wealth of talent in N.Ireland and Ireland alike.  Having access to this pool of talent means the casting process will be less time consuming and more fun as she plans to open the actors up with an audition workshop.  I can hardly wait, video diaries will be available – so watch this space!!! 🙂

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The Crescent Art Centre offers a beautiful space for all types of events.   With adjoining cafe and toilets I find it always affords a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere to catch up.

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Cast and Crew


After a team meeting earlier today we’re progressing steadily with idea’s for location, crew and have decided the cast for this project will really make or break the short film.

Chemistry between the three main characters is a must, the intimate nature of some of the scenes will call for three people who have a natural compatibility or rapport.  We will shortly decide on a date for casting once we have a concrete idea of what local talent is available in terms of the age and characters that will fit the script.

We’re hoping to attract some of the best local talent on offer, timing is everything though as we’re aware other projects begin filming in Northern Ireland at the end of August such as Game of Thrones and Dracula to name but a couple.  However we’re positive with a three day shoot schedule and the right date we can attract a great cast and crew!

Location is being narrowed by Director Richard Crawford who has visited area’s such as Carnlough, Kircubbin, Portaferry and Millisle.

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We’re also quite excited to possibly have the opportunity of working with Cine Copters which is a professional aerial cinematography service, you can find out more about there business online  All I could manage was “Wow” once I saw some of their equipment below.

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“Wow” is a very well known female technical term which roughly translates to impressive 😀

Thanks for stopping by, we’ll have regular updates as On The Road Home moves forward.

Story Synopsis


On The Road Home is a fictional teenage drama, involving two guys and a girl who are travelling home from a weekend at a caravan site.  It is set in modern day times, Antrim coast scenery forms part of the back drop with quite a number of in car scenes.


We begin the story the morning after, with animosity between Glen and Dean, Sorcha serves as a referee between the two throughout a good part of the story.  During the car ride home through conversations and flash backs it is made clear to the audience what has happened between these three student type characters.


All of the characters have had sex with each other the night before; more specifically they have all experienced a threesome.  Having enjoyed themselves at the time the morning brings more than a hangover, it brings to light a number of hang ups they all have regarding their sexual experience together.


Glen is homophobic and finding it difficult to deal with the sexual contact he’s had with Dean who is gay.  In turn Dean is finding it difficult to get his head around enjoying sexual intimacy with a girl and Sorcha who is an open minded earthy girl is unhappy she’s had unprotected sex with two guys.


Finding it difficult to face each other at the beginning of the story they all gain some type of peace within themselves by the closing scene.


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